About Us

We both dreamed of being engineers and that’s how we met – we studied Mechanical Engineering in Denmark. Already during our studies we got employed and enjoyed good life – we quickly got the travelling bug and at the same time got interested in training and physical challenges.

This culminated in two long-distance cycling trips over two summers that in turn led to us starting running. We started rock climbing, took on more and more difficult hiking trips. We then ran a multitude of half-marathons and marathons. We took a diving course and some surfing courses and hiked even more. We skied twice through the Swedish backcountry and even through Greenland’s mountains. We started swimming regularly and Kristians even decided to combine things and did an Ironman just on his own. We climbed to the top of Toubkal in winter and rock climbed as much as possible in Europe.

As it was becoming clear – hustling the 8-4 desk jobs while trying to be as active as possible was simply not cutting it anymore. So we saved up money, quit our jobs and took a 4 month Expedition Leader Training course in the hills of Wales and in the jungles of Costa Rica.

We then attempted to hike to the top of Acatenango volcano in Guatemala, took another diving course in Mexico and then spent a month restoring an old sailboat. We then through-hiked the 4300km long Pacific Crest Trail in the US, which runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.

Our next challenge was to build a campervan, which we did in one and a half months. We spent the following winter season in Switzerland, where besides earning some pocket money we focused on cross-country skiing, running in altitude and winter mountaineering. We spent the summer combining vanlife with training for a 100k trail run and collecting QMD’s for the Mountain Leader Award, which we passed in July. The end of summer took us to Zambia for six months, where we volunteered as facilitators, running a team of 20 employees, 20 volunteers, 40 daycare kids and 16 pupils.

From here on our plan is to fulfil our needs of running wild, climbing wild and hiking wild. We plan to work as tour guides on hopefully demanding and challenging (but inspiring!) expeditions – next up is the Swedish Arctic, where we’ll be training with huskies, leading some winter expeditions and kayaking trips as well as hopefully gaining more qualifications on the way….


Languages we speak:



Spanish (conversational level)

GERMAN (conversational level)

Russian (Kristians only)

Estonian (Stiina only)

Latvian (Kristians only)

Our skills & certifications:

  • Expedition Leader Training – Trekforce, 2018
  • Basic kayaking & kayak rescue training – Trekforce, 2018
  • Basic cycling tour leader training – Trekforce, 2018
  • Swift river traverse training – Trekforce, 2018
  • Rope river traverse training – Trekforce, 2018
  • Drowning prevention training (RLSS Level 1-3) – Trekforce, 2018
  • Wilderness first responder – Wildglobe Medicine, 2018
  • QA Level 2 Activity First Aid – Wildglobe Medicine, 2018
  • International safety management – RGS Offsite Expedition Safety, 2018
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – Poncho Scuba, Cozumel, 2018
  • Summer Mountain Leader Award – Phill George, 2019
  • Top rope & Lead climbing instructor course – Danish Climbing Federation, 2017