An update from Scotland

Yes – you guessed it – our seasonal work in Davos ended in Mid-April and so we have been slowly driving north. Just prior to our departure we packed all our staff, handed over the apartment and took the van for a 475 frank repair (new belt & two rollers) in a car shop. Yai!

We had a short stop in Zermatt where did a hike to the base of Matterhorn.

After that we drove to Chamonix, France, to meet a friend for some rock climbing and hiking.

After that we spent just a day in Grenoble where we did a via ferrata and then drove close to Reims for some more rock climbing.

Then it was time to head north and get a ferry to UK via Dunkirk. We did some running around Calais and also right after we got to the UK – still need to train for that ultra! After that we slowly made our way up to Scotland, stopping in Newcastle for some indoor climbing.

Now here we are – continuing to run and starting to do our quality mountain days to hopefully ace our Mountain Leader assessment some time in June. And of course – vanlife

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