Van building – Week 6

I started this week on my own as Kristians was in Riga again. It’s really hard to do some of the stuff alone and my motivation was not always 100%. But luckily my dad was around and some of our new “colleagues” sometimes popped by to take a look and crack some jokes.

I started the week by making more drawers: I measured, made a drawing, cut out my three panels & the drawer bottom. I chose to use 9mm plywood for the sides and 4 mm for the bottom. With more precision than usual I then cut a 4mm deep and 4mm wide slit into all the sides and cleaned the plywood with orbital sander. Then it was time to add some glue and lots of clamps to hold the stuff in place. I also cut some pieces of plywood to keep the drawer’s width aligned from the inside – to keep the bottom from curving up while under the pressure of the clamps.

While this glue was drying I kept working on the panelling of the walls and ceiling. I painted another set of panels, cut them to fit the curvature of the van and then screwed-glued them on. I decided to use these big silvery-looking screws (ruspert) because I like the industrial look, kind of matches our hinges’ theme. Plus I found them in both wood & self-threading versions, which was convenient.

On Monday the solar panels also finally arrived so once Kristians returned from Riga he prepared the respective area on the roof by sanding.

And we also received the first three pillows from the awesome guy who is also fixing our front seats and helped us to glue felt in the storage space above the driver’s cabin:

The week continued under more pressure as the deadline was nearing. We proceeded by cutting the kitchen countertop into the right sizes and angles – besides messing up a bit we managed all right. We still have about 1 meter missing, though – that piece should arrive soon.

We made a lot more drawers and worked on the kitchen in general. Dad finally managed to install the gas pipe under the van while we mounted the sink & gas stove onto the kitchen counter. We also fixed the batteries in place in case we decide to flip the car on the roof.

All the while dad continued working on the electrics. We got the LED lights mounted, added the main light switch and also realized that our smart charger for the batteries didn’t work (we got it for free from an old truck) so a new one had to be ordered. We also decided to order a switch that would allow our car batteries to charge the leisure batteries once the car batteries are full during driving.

When speaking of the exterior we removed the rims, had them painted in the original metallic color and re-mounted them.

By the end of the week things started to look pretty good – felt a bit like a home already. The panelling on the walls and ceiling was finished & last but not least we mounted the roof window. On Sunday morning we also hosted our first visitors – our awesome friends from Tallinn, who seemed to approve of our work. It was a slightly shorter week as we also had to do some other things, but it’s coming along nicely.

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