Van building – Week 3

Week three was only a half week – in many aspects. First of all, as Kristians had to go to Latvia to visit the doctor and because my dad was in Hungary for a rally I was working alone. Additionally I cut the week short and drove to Tartu already on Wednesday evening. So – less workforce and less time but luckily I had some help from the other workers at the company.

I started the week being a bit apprehensive about working alone and using the powertools. But I quickly got on a roll: First I glued on the bottom seals of the back doors. Next up I started working in the back of the van: Before my dad left I helped him to build the drawer box, which would be mounted under the bed but with access from the living area. Erkki, one of the workers, helped me to mount the drawer box in place by rivets – that was my first ever experience using rivets. Right after that we mounted the bed panel onto the separation wall and the L-bracket we had mounted earlier. It’s important to note here that the bracket was custom made as the needed angle was more than 90 degrees.

I continued by cutting out and fixing in place two center panels forthe kitchen counters. And I also made and mounted a plywood “box” above the wheel hub – this is meant for holding our skis and it extends into the back of the kitchen counter. This process included me using a massive saw for cutting the plywood and also two different metal cutters for cutting the L-profiles. And of course some drilling and countersinking. All the smaller cuts were made by an electric jigsaw, which was very scary in the beginning but pretty soon I got good at using it.

Now it was time to finish the work in the back – I cut and mounted nice aluminum L-profiles all around the walls and also cut the carpet into the right shape.

Towards the end of my short workweek I mounted the last plywood panel on the ceiling and painted it. And last but not least I sanded (by using a tool powered by compressed air) the whole front floor and lacquered it with a water-based varnish. This concluded my work week, which turned out to be short but effective.

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