Life after the trail

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans – this is what I’d say about our last days here in the US.

We had made plans to climb Mt Rainier or some other peak in the vicinity and also go rock climbing here in Wa, but besides finding out that the glacier crossing conditions are currently pretty bad we also realized that the box with ALL of our climbing gear (with a value of $$$) that we’d sent here from Bishop in May never actually arrived. The tracking number is gone, there’s nothing at the post office and noone can help us find the tracking number. Our last hope is that they can maybe locate it at one of their dead mail warehouses, if it ever even made it there. But this is only an IF, might take ages and we definitely don’t have our hopes up.

In our other plans we had our very first ultramarathon scheduled for the 8th, but in addition to the previous debackle I fell ill pretty much the instant we got off the trail. I had a high fever, headaches, chills, hot flashes and some mysterious red spots on my arm. I thought it was just a flu – sort of my body finally using the rest time to go through a cold it didn’t have time for before. In five days the headache was gone and I was feeling way better, but then the rash invaded my back, torso and face. A trip to the ER showed a dangerously high fever of 39C (102.4F) – and this was when I thought I was already getting better! The fever in the beginning must’ve then been over 40C. So they put me in a bed and ran about a million tests – in conclusion it turned out that I’ve gotten a possibly fatal tick borne illness, most likely Rocky Mountain Spotted Disease. So now I get to enjoy the nausea caused by antibiotics for two weeks.

But in order to not finish this post on a sad note I need to mention that Kristians did run the race and as I expected he absolutely crushed it, finishing the 50 kilometer, 1000 ascent meter race in 5 hours and 2 minutes!! I am so proud…now I just need to catch up, because we always do everything together 🙂

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