PCT Day 21

This morning we took it super easy – we just woke up to our inner clocks (which is set at around 6:45). We slowly made breakfast and packed – feeling very fresh, finally we set off hiking at 9:20.

We first kept following the Holcomb Creek (the same one we had camped by) for about 7km and then crossed a couple of smaller hills in order to get to the Deep Creek. The weather was hot and the expected wind storm didn’t arrive for the whole day.

So the trail now started to follow the deep canyon of this creek – our aim was (as mentioned in previous post) to get to the Deep Creek Hot Springs by afternoon. After about four hours if hiking we took a lunchbreak at some benches that had been built by the trailside – we hadn’t seen benches for weeks! We ate and ate (remember – we’re trying to eliminate weight from our packs) and chatted a bit to two other hikers that passed by. All seemed perfect…until suddenly I moaned in pain! I had my feet resting on this large branch in the grass and apparently a bee had somehow found his way there, just under my big toe. Honestly – I usually don’t care about bees because I’ve been stung so many times and it’s not so bad – but this one was the most painful ever. Looking back on the day I’d say it was like a bullet ant.

I took some antihistamines and after filling in my water bottle from the stream we started walking. The foot was okay to start with but it felt very tender and tense around the area of the sting. As time and miles passed it got worse and worse until I couldn’t support any weight on that area of the foot.

After a slow 7 kilometers we finally arrived at the hot springs, being welcomed by some naked strangers planting trees and digging. As we had heard that clothes were optional here we weren’t that alarmed. We took off our dirty and sweaty clothes and got into the Womb hot spring (about body temperature). This was like heaven – feeling light! Not wearing a backpack! We spent a couple of hours turning ourselves into human raisins, testing the differet pools of hot water and resting our feet.

By the end of the spa session my foot was still the same if not worse. But as it wasn’t allowed to camp at the hot springs area we knew we had to hike on. So we had some snacks in order to have energy to hike on and slowly got dry and dressed up. Kristians filled in some drinking water as I started to slowly limp onwards. The canyon was still pretty steep and our map didn’t show any campsites ahead. There seemed to be some spots down by the stream but no way to get there.

Finally, however, after about three kilometers as we crossed another bend in the valley we found a sidestream and an awesome little campsite that fit just one tent! That whole nook was very well protected from the strong winds that were forecast for the night. So we had a peaceful dinner and a calm night after the long day.

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