PCT Day 3-5

Days three to five have been, for me, about two things: the cold and the painful feet.

The cold

On day three we gradually ascended during the whole day and on our way to Mt Laguna were welcomed both by a beautiful pine forest and freezing cold winds. The cold continued through the night, ending up freezing the water pipes at the campsite where we stayed. On day four we ascended even more and the wind also got stronger and colder. But all in all it was worth it – the views at Foster Point and onwards were simply breathtaking and sacrificing a digit or two didn’t matter. By the morning of day five the wind had died down and the sun even managed to warm us up a bit.

The painful feet

The reason I bought these shoes was that they had specifically a wide toebox and they were light. But it seems that my feet and toes do not agree with my judgement: I have currently 4 blisters. The muscle pain itself had gone by this morning, which made me so happy for about 10 minutes, which is when my blisters reminded that they are still there.

So this all means that I’m pretty slow and Kristians needs to wait for me a lot, which I feel makes it harder for both of us to truly enjoy the start of this journey. But I will push on, try to take care of the blisters and maybe try some new shoes once we get to Warner Springs (ca 60km to go).

* *

In other news: yesterday, when hiking towards our camping spot for the night Kristians found a small green bag with tentstakes. Knowing that this must as valuable as gold to its owner, he took them with. A meager 500m later he found a tent footprint in a bush – of similar dark green colour. Noone we met later that evening when setting up camp knew anything about these things but the next morning, after we had hiked about 30 minutes, we finally came upon the owner. Having used rocks to die down his guylines, he was very happy to see us and his belongings again!

Today (day 5) we also passed the hundred kilometer marker (not a physical thing), so congratulations to us!


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