Update from San Diego

And so our time in Mexico has come to an end. Contrary to all those scary and warning stories one can read online or hear from others, our experience here has been utterly positive and that’s due to two instances of luck:

1. It turned out that our AirBNB host in Cozumel is also a diving instructor – not only did we get to experience one of the best diving sites in the world and a great instructor but also made a great friend. Thank you, Alfonso for your hospitality, teaching and friendship!

2. I made an open trip posting on Couchsurfing looking for volunteer work, not really hoping for much, but within an hour was contacted by the most kind, fun and nice guy in the whole of Mexico (I am sure). We ended up spending the three weeks with him and his parents in the town of Chetumal, where we were reconstructing an old sailboat during the week and sailing in the weekends. It was great to use our engineering skills once again for such an awesome purpose! Ricardo Gamboa, Xavier Gamboa and Paty made us feel like home and are now our Mexican family. Thank you for all your hospitality, kindness, the Spanish lessons, history and Mexican music lessons and for the motivation to keep on adventuring!

Our journey now has led us to the United States of A, where we will be attempting a through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (from the Mexican border to the Canadian border). Besides walking these 4279 kilometers we also plan to ascend Mt Whitney and Mt Rainier but hopefully also Mt Hood, Mt Adams, Mt Helens and Glacier Peak. Additionally we will be spending some time in the Yosemite Valley to do some rock climbing.

It currently shows a massive rain event for Wednesday-Thursday but we will do our best to stay warm and dry. Additionnally there is a lot of snow up in the hills beginning from around LA, so we’re excited! We bought our final equipment yesterday and will be purchasing the food for the first part of the trail tomorrow. Early morning 22nd we drive to Campo (by the help of trail angels in San Diego) and start our big hike.

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