Around Cozumel island

So yesterday we rented a scooter and drove around the whole island – well you can’t go fully around as there are no roads on half of it, but we went as around as we could.

Besides sightseeing we also tried to look for a job as we now have about three weeks of no plans but that didn’t really work out – we will try to search in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun instead.

Once we hit the south coast of the island a visited a famous reggae bar for lunch it got really windy (and if course we were driving pretty fast, too). But the coastline was beautiful and in contrast with the west coast barely had any houses our tourist traps, only one surf spot and one viewpoint.

After covering the whole south and east coast of the island the route turned back inland where it took us to the Mayan ruins of San Gervaisio. That archeological site was so green, lush and peaceful that we fully understood why the Mayans lived there. Besides the cool ruins we especially enjoyed all the billion different iguanas we saw!

6 thoughts on “Around Cozumel island

      1. im really not sure as we got rerouted and never saw the rain, but i definately saw a big storm in the distance when we were on the ship. and i will have to try it again! or ferry over on a trip to cancun at the very least!


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