What’s the plan?!

So now after the course ended we spent 6 days in Antigua in Guatemala and flew to Cancun in Mexico on the 16th of February.

Our plan now is to spend around a week on the Cozumel island in order to do the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and get back into our running habit.

This morning here in Playa Del Carmen we had our first run since the end of 2017. I only ran a meagerly 7 km but it was enough to get me tired – I plan to start nice and easy. Kristians originally promised our trip to be 5-6km total but after I turned around and ran back he continued, got lost (we didn’t have our phones with) and ended up running 20 kilometers. Now his legs hurt badly but this is what you get for going overboard 🙂

After our plans in Cozumel we are not exactly sure what the plan is – maybe we’ll find some kind of work, maybe we will volunteer to try and save money. All we know is that on March 19th we fly to San Diego in the US, get our final things sorted and start hiking the PCT on March 22nd.

Until then – we sit back, enjoy and see whag happens.

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