Last hike in Denmark

In August we (us two and our colleague/friend Nikolett) had a short hike in the Silkeborg area in Denmark – specifically from Alken to Himmelbjerg and further towards Silkeborg. The weather was great, treating us to sunshine, warm temperature, no rain and no wind (very special for Denmark!). The route started with a bit of bushwhacking which Nikolett with her super tall packed backpack didn’t enjoy but at least the berries we found after that made her cheer up a bit.
Kristians and I also got to test out some of our gear – the jungle boots, pants, shirts and the waterproof backpack that Kristians had bought. All in all, everything seems to be good besides maybe Kristians’s boots that are way too big for him.
We stayed on the easy paths to really enjoy the day and that we did. We met some poisonous mushrooms, super cute cows, some opera singers on a ferry, some berries and a big Spanish camping party.

We ended up camping some hundred meters further from the Spanish group, made a fire, set up camp and baked some potatoes in the ashes. We talked about spirituality, yoga, veganism and magic mushrooms. We couldn’t have wished for a better last hike in Denmark.

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